Coronavirus Policy

Dakota CoronaVirus Policy and Procedure

Team Dakota

There is so much we don’t know about Coronavirus (COVID-19). What we do know is that it is a worldwide pandemic that is quickly and easily spread. It can be dangerous to some people that get it. We will take precautions to protect our employees, families and customers. As conditions can change quickly: policies will be reviewed daily by Company Management and updated or revised at any time. Distribute this correspondence to every employee at every branch. Post it around our facility where employees and customers can see it.

  • Wash Hands. Wash Hands. Wash Hands. All Dakota employees are to be instructed to Wash Hands frequently throughout the day. This includes drivers in the field who should wash hands at the beginning and end at every stop where possible. Health officials are reporting that washing your hands (and your face) is the best and most important defense we can employ. Pass this information on to your employees during any and all correspondence: whether the correspondence is directly related to the Virus or not. Post signage where employees and customers can see it: reminding all to wash their hands. Make sure, since people will be washing their hands more than usual, we maintain soap availability at every sink in every office and warehouse in the company every day. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are hard to come by. If you have them, use them. If you can procure them: do it.
  • Instruct all employees to focus on avoiding the habit and routine of putting hands to the face and mouth. We have learned that we don’t realize how often we routinely and subconsciously do this. Health professionals report, if we keep our hands clean and keep them away from our mouth and face, we greatly reduce our risk of contracting disease.
  • Don’t touch ANYONE. All standard culturally established and socially normal and acceptable physical contact will be avoided until future notice. This includes: handshakes, hugs, backslaps, high fives and fist bumps. When incidental or accidental contact occurs: wash hands thoroughly and immediately.
  • All coughs and sneezes should be executed into the arm or shoulder followed by immediate Hand Washing
  • Step up all facility cleaning. All work surfaces to be disinfected frequently (computers, key boards, mouse, desks, phones etc. All branches have Mangement approval to increase cleaning crew visits if possible.
  • No vendor visits to Dakota Facilities until further notice. At this time (subject to change without notice) Dakota employees and our customers are allowed in our facilities. Anyone that does not fall under the category of Dakota employee or customer is not allowed into the facility without specific permission from Dakota Management. Don’t accept any appointments from any outside visitors until further notice. We will allow cleaning crews, trash pickup and other essential company service providers to perform their duties for us at this time.
  • Company Travel is Restricted until further notice. All and any travel by anyone in the company must be approved, in advance, by the CEO. This will stay in place until further notice.
  • Outside Sales activities restricted until further notice. Outside Sales teams will work in the office. Exceptions to be made with Management permission only. This policy will be reviewed daily.
  • If you even suspect you might have a condition that could be contagious: Stay Home. We all have PTO and/or sick leave available. If you think you could pass something on or endanger fellow employees or customers if you come to work: use that PTO/Sick Leave for the protection of all.
  • Teamwork and focus of all is of the utmost importance as we navigate this threat. Everyone must work together to do their part to help protect each other.