Exotic Hardwood Lumber

Exotic Hardwood Lumber

Does your next project require a touch of the exceptional? Dakota Premium Hardwoods is proud to import specialty wood products from across the world, including exotic hardwoods like Mahogany, European Beech, Purple Heart, and more. 

If you’re looking for a type of exotic lumber that isn’t listed below, please let us know and we will work hard to get it for you.

European Beech

With a pale yellow color and tones of pinkish brown, European Beech wood has straight, even grains and a medium texture.

African Mahogany

African mahogany wood is a durable, highly lustrous option with a gorgeous reddish-brown to golden-brown color.

Genuine Mahogany (South American)

Popular for cabinetry, this exotic wood species is known for its high workability and exceptional grain. It’s also known as Honduras Mahogany or American Mahogany.

Spanish Cedar

Known for its distinctive smell, Spanish cedar lumber is similar to mahogany with a light reddish to dark brown color.

Birds Eye Maple

This exotic hardwood gets its name from its tiny knots, which resemble small bird eyes. It’s a coveted, highly sought-after maple variety popular for specialty items.

Canary Wood

Canary wood has a gorgeous, irregular color variety that ranges from yellow and orange with streaks of red, purple, and even black.

Zebra Wood

Named for its distinctive striped pattern, this exotic lumber is sourced from West Africa and is known to be sturdy, heavy, and resistant to pests.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart wood is aptly named for its bold, beautiful bright purple heart wood with dark stripes. It’s also one of the strongest and densest exotic wood species on the market today.


Hard, dense, and heavy, wenge wood is a unique exotic species that appears nearly black when finished. It’s a stunning addition to accents and decorative projects!


Looking for luxury? This rare, precious hardwood has a jet-black color and very little grain variation, making for an absolutely stunning finished look. 


This russet to reddish-brown wood is heavy and strong, making for an exotic hardwood that’s durable yet somewhat challenging to work with.


With a luxurious rich hue and smooth texture, sapele lumber is often the go-to replacement for the increasingly difficult-to-find Genuine Mahogany as the appearance is similar. 

Sipo (Utile)

Similar to African Sapele in appearance and texture, Sipo (Utile) is also a go-to premium replacement for Genuine Mahogany.


Teak has a golden-yellow color that browns and darkens with age. It’s often considered the gold standard for decay resistance and is generally easy to work with.


Teak is becoming increasingly difficult to get in North America. African Woods like Iroko and Afromosia are increasingly being used for Teak applications. Both have similar appearance to Teak in color and grain. Iroko has more of Teak’s durability characteristics and Afromosia is closer to Teak in appearance. Both are available at Dakota.

Rift & Quarter Sawn White Oak and Red Oak

Elevate the look of your White Oak and Red oak projects with a premium rift-cut or quarter-cut selection. These refined, straight-grained cuts are perfect for modern or contemporary spaces. White Oak, with its unique cellular structure is more moisture resistant and Red Oak is more economical. 

Your Trusted Exotic Hardwood Supplier

Explore the deep, rich colors of Purple Heart and Ebony to unique stripes and patterns of Zebra Wood and Birds Eye Maple. Each one has a bold and unexpected personality!

For projects that call for a luxurious, unique flare, upgrading to an exotic hardwood adds a premium layer of character and quality compared to their domestic hardwood counterparts. Many of these exotic African and European species are harder and more durable than common North American oaks, pines, and alders.

Our selection also includes premium cuts of domestic species, such as rift-cut or quarter-cut White Oak and Red Oak for a more refined appearance. 

As a trusted exotic hardwood supplier, Dakota is proud to source premium cuts from around the world. We ensure all exotic and specialty wood products we sell are responsibly harvested and manufactured. 

If you have questions or need assistance choosing a hardwood species, we are here for you. As your partner, we’re committed to do more than meet your expectations – we’ll exceed them!

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4/4 Superior Color
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African Mahogany4/4 FAS
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Genuine Mahogany (South American)4/4 FAS
5/4 FAS
6/4 FAS
8/4 FAS
Spanish Cedar4/4 FAS
5/4 FAS
6/4 FAS
8/4 FAS
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