Parota wood, also known as Huanacaxtle or Guanacaste, is a distinguished tropical wood from Mexico. With striking veins of gold, orange, and brown, these slabs are the ideal choice for creating memorable conference tables, dining tables, and much more.

Mesquite wood is characterized by its rich, wavy grains and a warm, medium-dark brown tone, adding elegance and uniqueness to any setting.

Our Parota and Mesquite slabs are available unfinished, allowing for customization, and are kiln-dried for increased stability and protection against insects.

Explore the variety of exotic Parota and Mesquite slab sizes listed below and elevate your customer’s spaces with these high-end wood slabs.

Parota3” x 36” x 8′
3” x 36” x 10′
3” x 36” x 12′
3” x 36” x 14′
3” x 46” x 8′
3” x 46” x 10′
3” x 46” x 12′
3” x 46” x 14′
Mesquite2” x 12” x 4′
2” x 12” x 7′
2” x 17” x 4′
2” x 17” x 7′

Product Literature

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